Digicel Fiji assists frontliners

September 1, 2021 4:43 am

[Source: Digicel]

Digicel Fiji through the “Feed a Fijian” initiative is providing 300 meals for frontline workers and 28 food rations for households in need.

Chief Executive, Mohammed Farid says the initiative by Kanalevu Kitchen is a ‘pay it forward’ program that focuses on providing healthy and nutritious meals for frontline workers and ration packs for families faced with food insecurity.

Farid says Digicel donated $5,000 towards the initiative with the hope that business houses will join the project as a means of appreciation for the selfless service provided by our front-line heroes.

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Frank and Vui Saketa from Kanalevu Kitchen say in the duration of this initiative, those who have been supported are very appreciative of the gesture made by those that have paid meals forward for them.

Digicel is urging people to conform to COVID safe measures that are currently put in place as the company also started a pledge with an “All in for A Safer Fiji” message.

This is aimed at driving vaccination awareness and a call to the nation that the fight against the virus will work better if everybody is involved.

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