Backup stock is available: Patel

April 27, 2022 4:35 pm

Several supermarkets have noted an increase in the demand for certain food and non-food items in the lead up to Eid.

Supermarkets have reiterated that they have enough stock as it all depends on proper planning and stock management.

According to some supermarkets, they may not have certain items available in certain brands, but they have alternatives.

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Meanwhile, Suva Retailers Association President Jitesh Patel says there are some delays in the shipment, but currently, they have enough stock available.

“It’s very challenging because the goods are not ready and when we get a container to get the freight, the cost has gone three to four times higher. This is all affecting our schedule of getting goods on time. A lot of businesses are learning, and some are ordering six months in advance.”

According to Patel, businesses have backup stock and add that they are also learning new ways of trading.