Agriculture sector growth opens more opportunities

September 26, 2022 9:40 am

[Source: Ministry of Agriculture Fiji / Facebook]

The growth in the local agriculture sector is making headway for more opportunities amidst these unprecedented times.

This was stressed by Agriculture Minister, Doctor Mahendra Reddy during the Mini-Agriculture Show and Agriculture Farm Machineries Exhibition at the Nacocolevu Research Station in Sigatoka over the weekend.

Dr. Reddy says our agriculture sector’s Gross Domestic Product increased at an average of 7.9% per annum over the past 10-years, and the non-sugar agricultural GDP increased by 83.4%.

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“The growth in the surplus of Agriculture sector will see directly farmers benefit, households benefit, the labourers benefit, landowners benefit the financial sector benefit including others that supplying inputs and machinery to Agriculture sector.”

Dr Reddy says these results were achieved because of the dedication of farmers, producers, exporters, vendors, and everyone in the value chain.