31 employed by new Supermarket

June 24, 2022 5:00 am

Thirty-one residents of Koronivia have been provided employment opportunities by the newly opened Stop & Shop Supermarket.

General Manager, Willy Prasad says this investment is a collective idea that has provided employment opportunities for people in this area.

“We have employed people of this area. So, we have given them employment opportunities to work in this supermarket.”

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Akansha Singh.

A new employee, Akansha Singh says she is gratified to be given an employment opportunity by this newly opened business.

“I am really grateful to Stop & Shop Supermarket for creating new opportunities, and I am blessed to be employed by this new business.”

Willy Prasad. 

Prasad says this venture will also provide a convenient shopping experience for the residents of Koronivia, and other neighbouring communities.

He adds the supermarket offers a world-class set-up and wide range of services, topped by its affordable prices and accessible location.